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Strange Attractors

Audio components are great because they produce music. However in order to make music, they must have moving parts, and moving parts vibrate and make noise. In fact, an audio system is a chain of vibrating noise-makers that collectively can degrade the sound. The answer to resonance-induced signal degradation is Canalis’ Strange Attractors.

A system with Strange Attractors properly installed protects signal clarity three ways:

  • Reduce individual component's internal resonance (e.g.: turntable motor vibration or transformer hum).
  • Isolate components’ energy to prevent transference to other components, or to the room (think of the way spiked speakers drive the floor they sit on).
  • Far less interactive resonance between components resting on the same furniture.

How Strange Attractors work

When vibrations from CD transports, transformers, and loudspeakers enter a Strange Attractor its carefully shaped aluminum and graphite elements refract, dissipate, and reflect the vibrations in a cycle of decreasing amplitude and rotating phase. Unwanted vibrations are transformed into heat. Not enough to heat a room, but this transformation eliminates the resonance.

Unwanted vibrations exist as wide and narrow bands, chaotic, random, and steady state energies, that either exit or enter audio components. Accordingly the range of Strange Attractor designs address specific vibration behaviors exhibited by audio system components.


The Universal model will most often be used under “quiet” components that DO NOT have moving parts or traditional transformers. The top of the Universal Strange Attractor is flat with a small dimple in the center so it can be used in a variety of positions. Typical applications are with solid-state preamplifiers, DAC’s, and amplifiers. The Universal can significantly lower the noise floor to reveal finer resolution and dynamic range. Often any hint of glare, even if not overtly present, is removed, giving the audio system a more natural sound. The Universal Strange Attractors will support 75 lbs. each; so don’t let their small size fool you. A set of Universals will support a heavy and powerful mega-amp.


The Attach is designed for loudspeakers. It has a ¼ - 20 threaded stud to secure it to your loudspeakers. The benefit of applying the Attach to your speakers can be profound, and many listeners find that room problems they thought were insurmountable become insignificant when the speakers are not driving the floor or other mounting structure.